Current opportunities for being involved in the Committee of Management

Due to a range of circumstances (moving, illness, life generally): we have a series of vacancies on the Committee of Management of the CGT.  In addition we have roles that although vital do not actually involve the commitment of being on the CoM.  These roles will support the CoM Lead on these roles.

The vacant, or soon to be so, CoM roles are:

Treasurer – an elected role typically a role of 2-3 years overseeing our finances, dealing with payments and income. You do not need to be an accountant but obviously a head for figures and some small experience in dealing with keeping balances and dealing with bank accounts is necessary.

A new role for Publicity and Recruitment to work on building the public profile of the CGT and encouraging new members.  This is an especially important role as we come up for our 21st birthday next year. Enthusiasm for contacting radio, press etc about forthcoming events, plus ideas for engaging new (and existing) members please!

We hope to also enrol a new social media and website administrator to work alongside publicity and recruitment as the present website admin, Miranda, is moving out of Cambridgeshire!

As you will be aware organising Events, Study Days and Visits makes up a large part of the work of the CGT  and is certainly vital as far as the membership is concerned. Up until now one person has been largely responsible for this with membership assistance on Study Days. We are now looking for at least two people to work in tandem arranging these – starting with the 2018 Events. If we could have three people it would help – one of which would be the lynchpin sitting on the Committee of Management.  You need to be able to have ideas, an email,  a phone and a persuasive manner. We need to start to plan the 2018 events asap.

Vice Chair:  This was a new post last year and is now vacant due to the Vice becoming Chair. The Vice Chair  will ‘shadow’ the Chair and assist by attending local and national events and meetings of The Gardens Trust as well as CGT.

If you are interested in any of these PLEASE either contact myself  Twigs Way on or chat to another member of the committee today or in the coming week – do not forget – the CGT is only as strong as its members!!